The Heat

June 21, 2010 - Leave a Response

Life in Baltimore is tough. Weather is constant battle for me. For long times me stay inside. If me need food or clean water, me must wait until the evening time and search through waste piles. AC recently stopped working. Me been staying on CraigsList to find new one, but it requires money that me do not have. That brings me to my second plight: job. Me still successfully unemployed. Me unsure how long me will last.

Please, if you know any position open for jobs, me will take it. Please help.

Your friend, SBB.


Truest Story

June 16, 2010 - One Response

Sometime you feel the world is mocking you.

Birdfriend pt. 2

June 10, 2010 - Leave a Response

What a day of surprises.

For the past week, me was terrified of my apartment. Me know that Baltimore is a mean city, but the noise from me ceiling had been scaring me more and more. Me have been losing sleep from incessant cheeps from my attic.

Me had no idea what to do. Me certain terrible bird was above me, ready to devour my small body. Me tried calling Animal Control, but they did not take me seriously. After so many calls, me finally gave up.

Three days later, me couldn’t even eat… the sounds were louder and seemed closer. Me stopped bathing, me stopped flossing. Finally, it had gone too far. Me reasoned, that it was either me or it. At any rate, how bad could the silence of death be after such troubling life, me rationalized.

So me grabbed the attic door, and swung it open.

It creaked open slowly, but the cheeping suddenly stopped. Me terrified fully, as me took small steps up my attic ladder.

When me finally made it to the top of the attic, me simply could see nothing. No light with me, I stared into the abyss of me attic and waited for another sound, anything. But me heard nothing.

“Hello!” me cried out, “me am not terrified! Me am ready for death’s repose! Take me foul thing!”

There was no response.

Suddenly, there was shifting. Me heard something rustle, louder, and louder still. It sounded so familiar, this rhythmic, almost scratch like sound. Me had heard it before.

Then me realized–as it got louder–it laughter!

“Not funny! Me serious!” me replied to the darkness laughter.

Finally laughter got so loud it made me red all the way to the tips of my antennae. Frustrated, me marched into darkness, ready for it to end.

Me tripped and scraped my knee on something. Searching the ground, me found a switch to the light. To my surprise, there was a massive fat bird in front of me! He had such a big smile and sang, “my name is Cheep Cheep! What is yours little guy?”

Me blushed harder than before and stammered, “Sad Bumblebee.”

“Nice to meet you! Really nice to meet you!” He fluttered, “I’m afraid I’ve made myself too comfortable in your home! I can’t seem to find my way out!”

After awhile, we talked, similar lives and such, and me found Cheep Cheep quite personable. We talked for hours before Cheep Cheep politely asked where he may find an exit. Me showed him me humble apartment, and me blog even. Cheep Cheep was full of praise! Never have me been so flustered for words, or had opportunity to use them on such a friendly individual.

After leaving, Cheep Cheep sent me an e-mail, telling me that me had inspired him to get a blog! Imagine that, me inspiring someone as a big as Cheep Cheep.

Me can tell it will be easier to sleep tonight. Not only is the cheeping done in the attic, but my chest feels like it has expanded micrometers. This will be the most restful sleep since Sabeeshe left to her Hollywood career to California. But that is another story me need to share…


June 2, 2010 - 2 Responses

Though no one keep eye on me these days, me think formal apology since me disappearance from Christmas day. There is good explanation. Me got involved over me antennas. Plenty of time now to tell.

Me have to be quick, for now. There is a bird trapped in my apartment. Every five seconds, it squawks again.

Me can hear him scratching and moving around. Me can feel his pain. Poor bird friend. Lost. Alone. Hungry, maybe too. Only with song to keep his little time left.

Dilemma: can me trust this bird, or me simply projecting? What if bird befriends me and introduces me to its family.

Me now stuck at crossroad. Instead, me left to listen to the birdfriend’s silent struggle against time.

Happy Wednesday friend.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2009 - Leave a Response

Cookie Party

December 22, 2009 - 2 Responses

Settling down in Baltimore has been tough. Though me amount of friends here is no different than at College town, me feel oppressive aloneness these days. Perhaps it’s the holiday seasons. But while watching tv today, me had great idea.

Why not throw Christmas-Cookie Party? Me thought, be active! Don’t mope, look for friends. If you build it, friends will come. So me bundled up against cold winds and visited local grocery store.

Now me have never baked before. Us bees stick to our jobs usually. Most bees are not adventurous, though some have been known to dance. But with the promise of new friends gathered in my small apartment, me went to work.

Being a bee of little weight such as me, it was hard work. The whole day from morning until night me worked hard as me can.

Me was so impressed by me little bee-self! What a spread me had prepared. With the date approaching, me simply waited for new friends to show.

Me waited.

And still waiting. Me wish me knew other technologies other than blog. Me would make facebooks or twitters to invite. Next time maybe me will remember to invite people too.

If anybody would like to be me friend. Me is always welcoming. Come have cookies with me.

Lonely Winter

December 20, 2009 - 2 Responses

Hello friends. Me sorry for abandoning so long. Me of anyone should know the pain of left to alone.

You may and may not know, but me have been waiting to hear back from job for many painful months. Me took vow like monk and waited to hear from job. Recently, while on internet, me find painful site. Why no one tell me? This explain me recent night dreams.

Me only hear snorting sound like dying man meet vacuum machine. But then big hairy wrinkled animal come to me. Crushing me with his size.

Today when me see choices for new workers of college, me understand. Despite me worthy application, me have nothing against flaming bird or royalty. Me a lost cause.

For now, me can’t stand the sight of old home. Me hitched a ride. Now in Baltimore. Snowed in and facing dismal cold.

When me stare at the never-ending white, me is shaken by unshakeable feeling. For once in me life, me want to be touched, to be moved by something greater than me self. Me hoped in job, me could find passion. Yet, I am left to meself. Lonely and cold. When me stare out, me imagine that even the coldest snowflakes wish to be touched. Me could be that bee that touches thee.

For now, me only have this site. Please keep me in your thoughts. I take up little space.

Feather Dream

June 8, 2009 - 3 Responses

Reader may know me current predicament with job search at the College. Me seek position at institution of distinguishment. Everyday these days now spent in wait of news.

But, I fear my stress now come to me in dreams. Last night, me have terrible dream. I write this now, scarred to sleep. Me only conciliation is me testament.

Dream go like this. Me walking on beach. Complete emptiness. Nothing left or right of me, only white distance ahead of me, when suddenly, me find a find feather on the ground.

me find a feather.

me find a feather.

“This is such good sign” me think. Because, in research of sought after employment opportunity, me know that feathers were old mascot of College. So I pick up feather for safe keeping.

Walking down the beach me notice hand feel funny. When me take a look, the feather had gotten bigger in size! What delight! Me took this to be. Luck increase many fold with feather of unusual size, me think.

me can't do justice to feather's unusual glowness.

me can't do justice to feather's unusual glowness.

However, size would not stop. Feather grew too large for my hand and I placed a second hand upon it firm like. Still, too big! Suddenly, it slipped from me hand and BOOM planted itself deep in the sandy beach. Me start to wonder how large feather of unusual size will grow when a strong wind began to blow on me and my magical feather.

blew like sail in stormy sea.

blew like sail in stormy sea.

No longer could my little body hold the leaf steady. The wind overtook the leaf and with it, me. And we ripped up into the sky, over the beach.

the feather was difficult to hold onto.

the feather was difficult to hold onto.

Over the beach and over the sea the wind brought me and the gargantuan feather. What happen next, difficult to recall, as it happened to me quickly. But, the leaf POPed into little size once more and me realize me only holding a very small leaf.

me fell for long time.

me fell for long time.

Once me fell into cold shock of water me wake up. Me thought me was dead this morning. Me body all sweat.

So today has been uneventful. Me have been sitting brooding event of last night. What might this mean for me and me little future? Me want job. But at what cost. Now, the thirtieth of this month seem far away. Me hope to see tomorrow.

keep me in your thoughts.

keep me in your thoughts.


June 6, 2009 - 3 Responses

Me have been patient. Me still not get return call, e-mail, letter for College me applied to last time. Me have been waiting eating seldom because no income when recently me hear news.

Apparently College still look for new mascot. Why they not tell me? This is what e-mail say:

The official submission period for ideas for the W&M mascot is NOW! Before heading home for the summer, submit your suggestion. The deadline is June 30. Complete details and instructions for suggesting a mascot idea are available on the Mascot Search website.

Me glad they have not made decision yet, as means me still have chance. But, on me past application it say “March 6th” as deadline. Why they not contact me when me have been waiting so patiently?

After much thinking, me decide to apply again. College must be testing me dedication to community. Me now understand their logic. Me would not want to let them down.

So me humbly apply again.

page one

page two

Me put heart and soul into application. Most of me time since last post has been spent writing this application with strong passion (or getting food at nearby waste dumpster).

If you can. If you have time today. Please send e-mail to recommendation of me to mascot. Me have little energy to look for any other job and maybe me perish is sleep one day. Me never know.


March 18, 2009 - 7 Responses

Me sorry for late update. Things been tough.

Since applying for job me been waiting. Waiting by phone all day to night. Me convinced this me only shot to steady job given economic climate.

Me alternate from waiting by phone and by personal computer for mail. Me have had no time for blog post, watch sunrise, daily hygene, even food.

me waiting

me waiting

Me decided might be awhile before hear back from job. Hope they careful consider me.

Me ran out of food today.

no food